EVI Motors, Diesel HM-CR Test boat
Super Reliability VS Hyper Sophistication

We offer a range of diesel engine from 50 to 370 hp. 
Our market niche is without competition. We've made the choice of super reliability in contrast with diesel engines' hyper sophistication race. That progress is paid for with a huge reliability loss. Maintenance has become highly specialized and inaccessible for many users in isolated areas.  

Our lightweight and compact diesel engines are developped for applications requiring extreme reliability. We've created a diesel engine without electricity or electronics that retains common rail injection using hydro-mechanical control, which doesn't degrade the energy efficiency of a modern diesel engine. 
An inovative state of mind embodied by the conception of new technologies that breaks with the market. 
For the development of EVI Motor's diesel B-CM serie, we offer an innovative marinisation approach for engines ranging from 50 to 420 hp. 

Four, six and double four engines' supercharges offer versatility and high torque at low speeds. 

After many years of development and tests in extreme conditions, EVI Bosch Common Rail's new diesel engine offers everything you can expect in a powerful, modern an efficient marine engine. 

EVI Motors allows its clients to modernize their ship's motorisation offering notably a new motorisation in line with current and upcoming environmental standards. The strict exhaust gas emissions strict limits of MARPOL's annex VIII directives are respected.

B-CM serie equips our hydraulic power packs ranging from 40 to 200 kW.


QuattroProp, a range of marine turboprops ranging from 1 000 to 5 000 HP, made for marine, oil & gas and aeronautical applications. 

Our logic is to offer for high speed vessels a machine with high power-to-weight ration and to develop a machine with superior power efficiency than diesel engines. The fuel-engine association is inseparable with QuattroProp's dimensioning reasoning for the marine market. Thanks to its energy efficiency, QuattroProp has a negative embedded comparative mass. 

QuattroProp technology includes a regenerative heat exchanger, a two-stage compression with intermediate cooling and an ORC cycle principle meeting the markert's demands for a cleaner and less thirsty engine than a diesel engine. 
EVI Motors' ORC cycle recovers burnt gases thermal losses and reduces noise emissions. 

QuattroProp is a fuelflex engine able to run on tomorrow's fuels (isobutanol, methanol, hydrogen,…) or E100 today.
Our turboprop QuattroProp, diesel fuel serie, offers power efficiency up to 174 gm/kW-h.